Cloudwatt Business API Overview


Business APIs are using the following concepts :
  • Identity: The user that can connect to APIs
  • Account: an Object identifying the paying entities, identified by its customerId
Between Identies and Accounts, some roles are defined. Those roles enable some capabilities. Thus, all calls to APIs checked againsts security checks to know whether a call can be performed or not.

Using the API

  1. First get a unscoped token using the Keystone public API:
  2. Using the token, get the accounts you can use using : GET /bss/1/contact/roles - it will tell you all the accounts you have with all the caps
  3. For all accounts you have, you can now call several URLs to get/update information.

Scoped tokens/Unscoped tokens

Openstack has two types for tokens: The Business API has support for both kind of tokens. All calls that require a unscoped token also support scoped tokens. However, when scoped token is required, a scoped token MUST be provided. Methods that do not require authentication also support both kinds of tokens of course.

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